Thank You March 25, 2015

Today was such a long, lovely day. I am exhausted, but I’ve laughed more today and in the last week than I thought was possible. Sarah James said it seems like there has been more laughter than tears, which is saying something, because there have been a lot of those, too.

You all have just knocked us out with love this week. Each conversation tonight was so perfect, and gave us extra pieces of her–there are so many.

We are blessed by you. It’s as simple and profound as that.

Until tomorrow,


4 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. candanning Says:

    Emily, Sara James and James,
    I was so deeply touched by the memorial. Cindy defiantly was a beautiful jewel! It has been my honor to have been her sister in law. I will alway love her!

  2. Rhoda Tripp Says:

    You know I was there in spirit, hon, I love all of you so much

  3. Barbara Carney Says:

    Emily, Sarah James and James,
    Ditto what Susan said. The memorial was so…perfect. Every little part meant so much. Emily, grand slam on your message and delivery today. I’m in a fog of Cindy Tripp-love.

  4. susan584600 Says:

    Today’s service was a beautiful honoring of Cindy; of who she was, of her fingerprints on the lives she touched, of you, her dearly loved family, and of Jesus Christ, her Lord and Savior. To God be the glory! You will continue to be in our prayers.

    With love,
    Susan Hicks

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