“Nothing about your situation has followed typical patterns.” July 2, 2013

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Thus observed my fabulous oncologist with a smile.

Good news: I’ll stop the one chemo drug that has been infused through my port every three weeks. Done with that.

News that occasioned the not-typical comment: Last week a lump appeared in my neck in the same place that led to the cancer diagnosis in February 2012. While the oncologist doesn’t feel it’s related to the cancer, it is visible and tender. A couple of tests at the hospital yesterday did not reveal any clots, so the reason is still unknown. Imagine that.

The way is forward, however. He’ll monitor the lump and perhaps send me to the surgeon to remove the port. My next appointment is in four weeks. Until then, no restrictions and life as usual.

Partial remission…cancer cells are not growing. It’s a diagnosis that I’ve longed to hear, one that is a clear result of prayer.

Thank you for praying for and with me. Paul’s words are mine too: “I thank my God every time I remember you” (Phil 1:3, NIV).