Memorial Service Video March 27, 2015

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The service on Wednesday was so lovely. There are dozens of people to thank–too many for me to even begin that process here–and there has been a lot for me to do this week (for which I’ve been so thankful), but at no point did I feel overwhelmed. Having tasks to complete has made moving through the days more bearable, a thing that I would do well to remember now that there are fewer of them.

I’ll be honest–I haven’t watched this completely through. It will probably be a long time before I’m able to, but that’s ok. We had the service recorded because we wanted all of you who were unable to attend to have the option of viewing it. We felt it captured perfectly what we wanted–to honor and celebrate my momma’s extraordinary life.




4 Responses to “Memorial Service Video”

  1. Roberta and David Says:

    James, Emily and Sarah James, Thanks so much for having the service recorded so that we could all watch it. It was wonderful to see the impact that Cindy had on so many lives. She truly lived her life for Christ by showing His love to all who knew her. Emily, you did a beautiful job speaking of your mother’s love for all of you. We have always loved Cindy and knew she was the perfect wife for you. We pray for peace for each of you. Roberta and David

  2. Cathy Longeway Says:

    James, Emily, and Sarah James,

    I am so thankful that you posted this video. I was unable to attend Cindy’s service but I just watched the video. It was, like Cindy, beautifully done. I wish that I had words to comfort you. I do not. Just know that I hold each of you in my heart and I pray for peace for you.

  3. Rhoda Tripp Says:

    Emily, SarahJames and James, I just watched the memorial. You did a wonderful job putting together, of course, I’m crying, it was SO Cindy. Thanks, hon, I love y’all so much, Mamaw

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  4. cmstanga Says:

    An extraordinary service for an extraordinary lady. I am so glad I had the privilege of knowing her and of meeting you this week. Prayers and love will not stop being sent your way.

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