this morning March 19, 2015

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This morning Cynthia passed into a new world.

Last night I wrote something before bed, intending to post it this morning, and I don’t know–we finished reading Stitches late last night, and Momma has always liked completing things she starts.

I’ll leave this here for now. Maybe one day this will start to make sense.



Most everything makes some sort of sense in hindsight–if meaning cannot be completely revealed, at least a pattern usually is, a template can be constructed from the remaining moments, so that we are better equipped for the next big bad thing that comes our way. Life is cyclical, that is for sure, and there is something comforting about the repetition of it all.

We Tripps have not yet made our way to the grand land of hindsight. We’re still jarring around in the cycle, trying to find meaning in the pain when it comes, only to be knocked over by it when it doubles back and pulls the rug out from under our feet. We move forward, then some chance moment bowls us over, leaving us feebly trying to cope with how rapidly our lives have changed in just two short months.

I’ve been reading Stitches by Anne Lamott to her in the past few days. Out of all the books in this house, I’m not sure why I picked that one up to read. Maybe she planned it, putting it on a shelf all by itself outside the laundry room where I would pass by it every day for the last three weeks. I picked it up because it looked gentle, and it is. I started to pick out passages that have affected us, but then stopped, realizing that retyping every word might be a bit more labor-intensive than I’m up for at the moment. Here’s just one:

To heal, it seems we have to stand in the middle of the horror, at the foot of the cross, and wait out another’s suffering where that person can see us. To be honest, that sucks. It’s the worst, even if you are the mother of God. 

Mary didn’t say, “Oh, he’ll be back in a couple of days.” She didn’t know that. She stood with her son in the deep unknowing as he died.

So that’s were doing. We are here as witnesses, keeping a vigil, staying in this moment with her even when it doesn’t make any sense at all.



18 Responses to “this morning”

  1. Rob DeRossett Says:

    James, Emily, Sarah James and all the Tripp’s, I share your sadness and know that you are experiencing many emotions and trying to make sense of losing someone you love who was amazing through and through. I pray that you would take comfort, be encouraged, and that your faith be strengthened with these two simple, but powerful verses: John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world that he gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life,” and Matthew 5:4 – “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” Lord Jesus, thank you for blessing all of us with your servant, Cindy, and and doing a mighty work her. In our time of mourning we celebrate her and her legacy. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  2. Carla Collier Says:

    Truly sorry for the pain your family. My boys loved having Mrs Tripp as a teacher at BA. She was so good to our family. Prayers for strength for all of your family.

    The Collier Family

  3. Sarah Brewer Says:

    So thankful to have known Cindy …. Always so hard to lose a parent! She leaves a beautiful legacy in your family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  4. Sherry Says:

    Cindy Tripp was a champion for Seth during some of his toughest times in middle school. She was one of his favorite teachers and she just understood him and what he was about at that time. She was a very special person to us and will be fondly remembered. Prayers for your family.

  5. Mary Sturgeon Says:

    Our hearts are breaking at your loss. Your family is in our prayers.
    Jon and Mary Sturgeon

  6. Karen Smith Says:

    Emily, how our hearts hurt for you and your family-and the pain of this separation. Your Mother touched so many lives- and continued to do so even while in her own valiant fight. Praying for God’s grace and strength as you walk through the days ahead.Our love and prayers are with you all.

  7. Raja O'Brien Says:

    Dear James, Sarah James and Emily….I’m so very sorry for the void you now feel in your lives that only Cindy could fill!!!! She is now whole and healthy and more ALIVE than she has ever been and it’s for all Eternity!!! Please find comfort and peace in knowing this!! praying still as you walk in the days ahead..all my Love to you!!

  8. Liz Austin Cotten Says:

    My heart is broken for you. Your Mom was remarkable. Praying that the aloneness feels not so lonely because of an outpouring of love. Losing your person will impact your life in ways you never knew. It doesn’t feel right or fair. You may never feel complete again, but God has this in His hands and always will. Trust there is a plan but know it’s okay to mourn, be sad, be angry, and love deeply. She loved you all and I know she must be telling everyone in Heaven about you, the care you have been providing her, and the joy you have brought her since the day you entered her life. I’m so sorry.
    -Liz Austin Cotten

  9. Kate Stephens Boland Says:


    Just last week I was sharing lessons I’ve learned from a few important people and your mom was one of the people that I shared about with the group. She taught me much about wisdom and selflessness. I am so terribly sorry for you and your family during this time. Teaching with your mom made me a better teacher, a better wife, a better friend. I’m incredibly sorry for your loss. Please know that a huge community is lifting you up in prayer.


  10. Dana Haas Says:

    We are so sorry for your loss. Your mom was one of the great teachers that has come into our lives, she made our middle school experience memoriable.
    The Haas Family

  11. susan584600 Says:

    Emily, Sarah and James, our hearts are breaking with you. I don’t know that we can ever understand illness and suffering; it was not intended to be our fate in the beginning. Sin entered the world bringing with it all these sorrows. Cindy is now free from pain, sorrow and tears, but you are left to grieve and grieve you must. Prayers for comfort in your grieving,
    Susan and Joe Hicks

  12. Fran Kirkparrick Says:


    I am so sorry. There isn’t much else to say, except that you loved your mom well in her last days, and now she is finally at peace. I contimue to pray for your family as you process your loss
    and begin making memorial arrangements.

    Love to a you and all of the Tripp’s

    Fran Kirkpatrick

  13. Rebecca (McKaskle) Parker Says:

    Mrs. Tripp was so special and a part of so many wonderful BA memories I have. My heart is heavy but I am thankful she had such a loving family with her through this difficult time. Love to you Emily and Sarah James- you are in my prayers!
    Rebecca (McKaskle) Parker

  14. Gina Vos Stansell Says:

    Dear Family of Cynthia, Cynthia was one of the Great Ones, like a woman written by Tolkien or C S Lewis. We mourn that she will no longer be with you or with us to bless and encourage to teach and inspire. We are so sorry for your deep loss of her for the suffering you shared with her. God bless you as you mourn and feel the pain of Cynthia’s death.

    Peace. Gina Frm mobile srry 4 typos/brevity


  15. Cathy Longeway Says:

    There are no words….I am so sorry for your loss

  16. Sarah Otey Says:

    Mr. Tripp, Sarah James, and Emily,
    I am sure there are no word that can comfort you right now, but know that all of you and your mother have touched the lives of so many people. Heaven really has gained an angel. I can see your mom smiling down on all of you…that smile and excitement that filled her whenever she would talk about Virginia Tech! Please know that you all are in our thoughts and prayers.
    The Otey’s

  17. Vicki Says:

    Oh, Emily. My heart is broken for you and your sweet family, while at the same time my heart rejoices for Cindy to be done with the pain and the fear, forever. We will cry with all of you through the next part of your journey. You are loved.

  18. Lisa Flow Says:

    I am so sorry. Your mother was a beautiful woman – inside and out. She was a true Blessing to all who knew her. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.
    The Flow Family

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