Waiting Part 2 February 28, 2012

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Two weeks ago my thoughts were about the typical Monday routines at school and at home. Little did I know that by Friday I would hear the words, “you have advanced lung cancer, stage 4 of 4” and that more tests were scheduled to determine if the cancer had spread.

Is it any wonder then that I felt as if I had received a priceless gift last Friday with the news that the cancer is contained in the lungs? I’m sure that reading of my joy that I have “only” stage 4 lung cancer seemed a bit odd, but I guess you know that my mind had jumped to a far more discouraging outcome. Knowing that there is only one battlefield is definitely cause for rejoicing.

You may be wondering what’s going on now. The port incision site is healing well and will be ready when it’s time for chemotherapy. Since I have been a bit tired and a little short of breath recently, I’m resting more that I typically do (that’s probably a good thing). Mostly, I’m waiting for the pathology results from the biopsy and for the genetic makeup results of some cells, which I will know by Friday.

Here’s what I’ve learned about my cancer: The PET and CT scans show a right lung mass which appears to have spread to the lymph nodes in middle of chest and then up into the chain of nodes in the neck. The biopsy indicated that this is an adenocarcinoma. There are also smaller patches of cancer on both the right and left lungs. Being able to identify the exact makeup of the cells will determine the drugs to be used in treatment.

This time, however, the waiting is not as stressful as it was last week. Since the extent of the cancer is known, treatment will begin after these results.

Thank you for your precious words and kindnesses to my family and me.  I have been blessed to hear from current and former students, from friends here in the Nashville area and in faraway places, and from people who know people who know me. I am grateful for the prayers most of all, for the notes and flowers and food, for the phone calls and emails and texts.

I’ll let you know when the waiting ends.


YES! February 24, 2012

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The scans did not show anything new—nothing in the brain or abdomen or liver or kidneys or anywhere else. There’s still some genetic testing of the cells from the biopsy, and the results of that testing next week will help determine the exact course of treatment. Best news is that it’s just stage 4 lung! Praise God!


Waiting February 23, 2012

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Words fail me as I read the many kind words and learn of the prayers being offered on my behalf. The emails, notes, calls, and comments generated by my health issues have blessed us overwhelmingly. When I first learned a week ago that there was something wrong,  my first reaction was denial and then fear. When I faced the truth and shared it with everyone, however, I discovered a huge wellspring of strength through the prayers of so many whom I have known throughout my life. Your words have comforted me and reminded me once again of the faithfulness of God to meet me wherever I am and of His promise never to leave me or forsake me.

Prayers have been answered because the scans have been moved up to today at 3 pm. I think that means that by Friday afternoon I’ll know the extent of the cancer and the treatment plan. That’s good because the unknown can be scary; no matter the outcome, I’m ready to find out. I am truly grateful that you are the hands and voice of God in my life at this moment. I don’t think I could do this without you.


From Our Family February 21, 2012

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My mother made the foolish mistake of giving me access to her account, so it is not on her behalf, but on my family’s, that I hijack it now.

I must first say that the surgery this morning to put the port in went beautifully, and we are now home and resting. We have new news in that her PET, brain, and abdominal/pelvic scans have been scheduled for Thursday at 2pm.

Those of you who know me well know that the relationship that I have with my momma is something special. My sisters and I are so blessed to have been raised by such a fiercely intelligent, generous, loving woman, and I am grateful to be able to count that same woman as my very best friend. The days from here on are going to be full of challenges that are unexpected, but not unwelcome. The amount of difficulties that she has faced in her lifetime have bordered on comical at best, and Biblical at worst. We are readying ourselves for the coming months, and we are so thankful for your thoughts, prayers, positive energy, good vibes, and whatever else you have inside of you to give.

My main reason for borrowing her quill, though, is to say thank you. We have been overwhelmed these last few days by love and prayers and such good food! It is humbling, to say the least. Reading over the comments on her last post I was struck by what Emily Ralls said – What a blessing to see the Body of Christ spring into action when our earthly bodies fail! We have been blessed beyond words by your generosity. I have never doubted how valued my mom is by all of you, but it is undoubtedly powerful to see and hear that truth from so many.

With many thanks,

Emily (along with James, Sarah James, Jacob, Abigail, Amber, and Megan)


Reality February 20, 2012

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This morning James and I met with the surgeon who will put in the port for chemo. The outpatient procedure is scheduled for Tuesday morning (tomorrow) at Williamson Medical Center, and I should be home by noon at the latest. Next up will be PET, brain, and abdominal/pelvic scans to see if the cancer has spread beyond the lungs. Right now they know the cancer has metastasized in both lungs, bronchial tubes, and lymph nodes around the tubes and lungs. I guess it’s not a pretty sight, so I am thankful that I can’t see inside.

I spent the weekend from the time of diagnosis on Friday afternoon with my family and a few friends. Each time that I told someone what had been discovered, it was as if I were talking about someone else. I kept saying to myself, this cannot be happening to me; there’s been a mistake; surely someone saw silly putty on those scans, not cancer.

Sending the emails on Sunday afternoon helped me realize that this diagnosis was all too true and that I needed to focus on the battle ahead. All of the notes and emails and comments have reminded me that I am not alone and that I can face whatever God has for me. Dr. George Mathews emailed to remind me of this truth: “You are the same as you were last month. Let not some information cause you to be in fear, because there is other information that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and that He will give His angels charge over you.”

That’s where I am at this moment. I’m confident that the God who made me has given His angels charge over me. Nothing has changed in that regard, so there is nothing to fear. Whatever the results of the scans, whatever the treatment plan, God will not be surprised and I can rest in His provision for me. I appreciate your many kindnesses and affirmations because they have reminded me of God’s grace and mercy.