3-2 Sweet Dreams March 2, 2015

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Today was a sweet day. We woke this morning and just lay still together for a little while because Cynthia just needed a ‘few more minutes’ of sleep. I was on board with that plan. (Whenever she visits me in NYC We follow my sleep schedule, which involves later nights and frequent naps.) She’s typically an early riser–with at least 10 things on her to-do list before 6am–so it’s good to be able to take time for rest.

For breakfast I made French toast and fluffy eggs, and we spent most of the morning dozing off and on. Our nurse Lisa from Alive Hospice came over and worked with me on how we are managing her pain (she’s had a lot of severe headaches in the last few days), and we came up with a plan that seems to be helping ease them.

Today has been full of soft talks and lots of ‘I love you’s. Shortly before dinner we noticed that her breathing pattern has changed when she rests–it’s very slow and irregular, which is something we have been told to expect. We have been tying to keep the space around her as quiet and dark as possible, knowing that she is extremely sensitive to light and sound.

Over the last few weeks I have been reading her your stories. They have been such a balm to our souls. There is a theme for sure, and it reflects something that she has said again and again–that what she wants is to aid in the flourishing of others. And gosh, has she ever. She has gently but firmly encouraged us in the direction on our dreams. Hearing that truth directly from so many of you makes my heart so very happy. So, thanks.




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  1. lcyost Says:

    I will never forget her words to middle school parents about “don’t get on the roller coaster” as it relates to all the many different facets of parenting a teen. I often stop myself when trying to help my two through a situation and think about that advice. She loved Alex through challenges in seventh grade and he will never forget her encouragement and words of affirmation. We are praying as a family for her peace and comfort. All our love – the Yosts

    • emilyltripp Says:

      Such good advice! She’s always been able to keep such a level head, and see the whole of a person, outside of their individual situation.

  2. Em,

    Please pass along to your momma how much our family loves her and is praying for her.

    I’ll never forget in 6th grade English we took prayer requests every morning and she was dear as I asked (again) for the millionth time to pray for my Grandfather who had serious cancer. I remember feeling embarrassed that I had to keep asking when others would make fun of me. But she was so gracious to teach me that the important prayers and ones close to our heart, we keep asking God to intervene and do His work. It’s a lesson I still remember to this day.

    Sending so much prayer and love to you all.
    — Kristen

    • emilyltripp Says:

      So true, Kristen. She knows the power of prayer, and how important it is for us to stay in that prayerful mindset. It’s something we are so grateful for now, especially.

  3. Liz Austin Cotten Says:

    Mrs. Tripp,
    There are not words that adequately express your character, perseverence, or personality. You know when someone encourages you, accepts you exactly how you are but nourishes you and wants to see you excel, but also calls you out when you need it? That was you for me. My experience in your classroom and throughout my time at BA has been very influential and helped mold me into the adult I am today. As a scared 12 year old entering a new school and unfamiliar territory, you made me feel welcome, feel heard, and asked if I wanted to go by Liz, Elizabeth, or even said I could choose Beth. I had a choice and I felt heard. I remember you were sad when our dog Dusty died and met me where I was in my sorrow without passing judgement or making the loss of our pet insignificant. I wanted to share these stories that are important to me because I feel they speak to your character and personality. I’m so proud of the valiant fight you have put up the last three years. I have enjoyed reading your blog because it’s real. It’s you. I love you and am confident the Lord knows what He’s doing. When trials come my way, when life feels unbearable, when I just don’t feel like saying thanks but am thankful, I’ll remember you, your courage, and perseverence. I’ll remember you turned to God when life and the disease knocked you down. Thank you for loving me and meeting me exactly where I was. Jesus must be proud. I sure am. Praying for peace and no more headaches.
    -Liz Austin Cotten

    • emilyltripp Says:

      Oh, Liz, I remember when Dusty passed away. I remember how dear that sweet dog was to your family–and to everyone who knows you! It’s such a painful loss, especially when we were that age (just old enough to begin to really grasp the concept of death). I can recall thinking of Dusty as your sibling, and knowing that it was very painful for your family.

      And I bet my mom told you, but she did the same thing when my sister was young. They called her Jamie as a baby, but when she was in Kindergarten she discovered that Sarah means princess, and that there was a boy named Jamie in her class. She decided then to be called Sarah James, but everyone at CPA just called her Sarah. My mother was her biggest champion as she was growing up–she knows what it means to be called the name that you know is YOURS.

      Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  4. Emily,

    Your mother is a very special soul. I was a student at BA many years ago. Although I never had her for class, she was always so sweet and encouraging to me. In more recent days, she was very dear to my nephews. She had caused many, many people to flourish. She is a light who is dearly loved.

    • emilyltripp Says:

      Thank you so much, Paige. I think that phrase is so accurate for her. When she said it, I thought YES! That’s you.

  5. Barry Saucier Says:

    Emily, your mom made a difference in so many of our lives. We pray for her comfort and peace.

  6. susan584600 Says:

    Emily, please know that we are praying for your mom and all of you to know the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ now and in the days ahead. We love you.
    Susan and Joe Hicks

  7. barijacobs Says:

    Emily, Please tell your precious mom how much Mickey and I love her. When we all first started teaching way back when, she was such an inspiration and encouragement to all of us, but that was only the beginning as she has been that and more over these many years. I value her friendship and sweet spirit more than anything else and cherish lots of laughter and fun times as well. She has been an advocate for many and a woman of unmeasurable energy, kindness, and grace. May our Lord, who she loves, cover you all with his peace and mercy. Love, Bari Jacobs

  8. boymamamusic Says:

    Emily, Please know that many of us are holding you all in prayer during these days. Like so many others, I’m grateful for the life that your mother poured into my sons while they were at BA. She is someone I credit with helping Graham reach his potential and make it at Stanford…. not as an athlete, but as a student, writer and a man of character. May his unexplainable peace cover and carry you all. Love, Kim Hill, Graham and Benji Shuler

  9. Myles McSterling Says:

    Dear Emily,

    I have been so blessed to have known your mom and call her my friend. She was such a loving and gentle spirit. I will always remember many of the conversations we had and her sweet sincere smile. She is in heaven at this very moment with Jesus and God the father awaiting our arrival. She was an inspiration to me many days at BA. I love you and your family and will forever love Cindy’s memory.

    Myles McSterling

  10. Rhoda Tripp Says:

    Cindy, this is Mamaw, hon, it’s so hard for me to not be there with you. I’ve always been able to come and help when you needed me, and now my body doesn’t work like it used to and I can’t be with you and the family. Of course, that was more a blessing to me to get to be with y’all a little more. I’m glad Abigail lives close to you, it’s tough when grandchildren live far away. Abigail is such a ray of light to us all. We had a lot of fun celebrating Papaw 60th birthday. Going through the cave and sleeping in the train car, that was an exciting time. So now, you’ll have a birthday tomorrow, have a good one, hon. I love you very much

  11. Bill evans Says:

    She sat next to me in the round room before a faculty meeting and asked,” you are the new tough guy around here?” We hit it off immediately, and my life has been forever changed. Other than my family I don’t know of another person that has been more “in my corner” than Cindy. That smile, which started at her cheekbones and eyes before it got to her mouth, could set me on a much better path. Her fruit tea saved me from certain heat stroke death, and her love of my son (your namesake, dreaming angel) chokes me up as I type this. He prayed for you with me last week and said he would when I took him to school yesterday. Why did you love me so? Only He knows. My selfish heart breaks, but my hope is redeemed.

  12. Jerry Jarrett Says:

    Emily – your mom was a VERY special person to me at BA. Lots of great memories working on the yearbook with her. You are all in my prayers

  13. Sally Delvaux Says:

    Cindy, Thank you for aiding in the flourishing of ALL of us! I am so thankful for our times together throughout these years. You are a blessing!

    Love you so much, my friend, Sally

  14. Susan Williams Says:

    Cindy – and family —
    You are an encouragement to me this morning! Cindy, I will never forget a conversation you and I had when Sarah James and our daughter Megan were in elementary school. You were recruiting volunteers for the grade levels and approached me about being involved. You noticed my hesitancy as I had a newborn at the time, and reminded me that ‘just because there is a need does not mean you are the one to fill it. Be still before the Lord and He will direct you!” You so often ushered me right to the feet of Jesus – and for that I am always grateful! Although our paths have taken us in different directions I have never forgotten this advice. And I have so often shared it with others when they are searching for direction. Thank you Cindy!!!

    May His love and mercy rain down and bring each of you His great peace that passes all understanding!!

    Susan Williams and family

  15. Melissa trevathan Says:

    Emily. Thank u for inviting us to rest, to breakfast and to conversation this morning with your mom. I continually remember seeing your mom love , encourage and accept so many students through the years but my more vivid memoriy is how she did that with me personally. I made so many plunders (still do) have falled so often…..and knew the grace and forgiveness of God in those times but Cindy always added ….personalized , His grace by sharing truth without judgement, by sharing truth with acceptance. I experienced jesus through her often. Tell her I love her this morning

  16. Cathy Longeway Says:


    Here is a story about your mom. When my son Jed was in 6th or 7th grade, he started pulling the hair out on the crown of his head. He ended up with a saucer sized bald spot. We obviously took him for counseling but the immediate issue was how to keep him from being teased. Cindy stood up for Jed and allowed him to wear his hood on his head or wear a beanie to keep his head covered. She empathized with him and was so supportive through all of this. Jed is now 20 years old and no longer has that issue. I will never forget Cindy’s kindness toward my son. She has always been someone who shows God’s grace by how she lives her life on a daily basis. Thinking of you all.


  17. Pat Says:

    Sleep well, dear friend. Dream of of beach and the soothing sounds of the waves. I love you.

  18. Shelley Austin Says:

    Kent and I want Cindy to know how much we love her. She touched both of our lives so deeply. She was the love of christ with grace to both of us. There is an indelible picture of her smiling face in my mind . We are praying and loving all of you . Xoxo . Kent and Shelley Austin

  19. Barbara Says:

    I love you all.

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