3-1 Rainy Sunday March 1, 2015

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Yesterday Dr. Burris came to over to sit with Cynthia, and to help us explain what all this–being at home, receiving hospice care–means. Ever since the news that the cancer had metastasized to her brain, we’ve all been anticipating the moment when things would turn a corner for the better. She’s said many times in the past few weeks that she just wants all of the pieces to stick back together, to be able to connect thoughts, to be more like herself again. Part of that has included waiting for March 2nd, when we were scheduled to return to Sarah Cannon for scans, to see the effect that the radiation had on the lesions. We asked for Dr. Burris to help make sense of why that was not happening, because we simply didn’t know how to start that conversation.

Afterwards my dad said that it was like she had already worked out how she wanted Skip to let her know. She asked him if the time-table had started yet. He said yes, and she understood. Throughout her treatment at Sarah Cannon, she has asked him that question at every appointment, spelling out that if things ever reached this point, she wanted to know—to not be kept in the dark. (The answer to questions like these doesn’t ever look or sound the way it does in the movies—there’s not a stern man in a lab coat sitting across a desk saying “this many months left” and “get your affairs in order.” Real life is more intimate, more subtle.) My mom and Dr. Burris planned a code for this situation over the course of the last few years without even knowing it, and we are so glad that they did.

We’ve spent this rainy Sunday processing all of this—taking the time to sit together, to cry, to get frustrated, to be sad, and to eat whatever the heck we want. (The diabetic diet is off the table—we are removing all restrictions and relying on the insulin and tapering off the steroids to control her blood sugar.) This is new territory, and we are trying to figure out the steps. Today she asked that we just be together, without any visitors. Tomorrow may be different. I will let you know as we work out how she wants each day to go. (She’s the boss.)

We ask that you continue to pray for peace. In her first post on this blog, days after her diagnosis, she asked first that you “pray that my family and I will not be afraid but will rest in God’s mercy and grace.” She has said again and again that she is not afraid, and we aren’t either.



9 Responses to “3-1 Rainy Sunday”

  1. selffamily Says:

    I can honestly say that it has been a sweet privilege to know and love Cindy….as well as my husband and three girls. I can honestly say that she completely loved each student at BA and without a doubt they all knew she had confidence in them and believed that they would excel in life. From the first time I helped with Thanksgiving lunch Cindy had approached me to say not to worry about the 6th grade boys because she said she had covered them with pizza. My heart stopped as I realized what a generous and loving person this was…she really loves these kids. She always has an incredible strength that you know comes from the Lord. I will forever be grateful and am so thankful for our friendship. Joanie Tanner

  2. Matt Nygren Says:


    I’m going to leave a fresh loaf of homemade sourdough bread at your mailbox today around 4 PM. I’ll wrap it up tight to protect it from the weather. Thanks for your updates on your wonderful mother. They are touching us in all of the right ways. I’ve shared them forward to folks in all 4 corners of the US, so lots of people are praying.
    Please tell Cindy that the Nygrens love her, and that her B-Day sister Karley is especially touched today.


    Matt Nygren

  3. Pat Whitson Says:


  4. Joy Brandon Says:

    Emily, you are precious to continue the updates as your Mom was so faithful to do. I have not been through cancer with any close relative. But I have been through the death of both my parents with Hospice care.

    For us they were God’s gift in uncharted waters. And I hope you will find their care as comforting as we did.

    Your Mom is beloved. And scores of families are praying for you all. Letting her be the boss and keeping the days just for yourselves is wonderful. I pray Gods peace and rest for you all. These are precious times and will be sweet memories.

    Most sincerely, Joy Brandon

  5. Myrtist Moore Says:

    Praying for the family! ( Amos Mason grandmom) Myrtist Moore.

  6. Scott Tripp Says:

    praying for peace and comfort to all. We love ya’ll so very much !!!

  7. Rick Beal Says:

    Many prayers are hapening for your entire family.
    Rick and CJ Beal

  8. David DeRossett Says:

    Dear Ones, we are in constant prayer for your peace and God’s guidance. Jesus, our advocate and savior will lead all of you through this.
    Love to all,
    Uncle David and Aunt Roberta

  9. Barbara Carney Says:

    We love you all so much. Barbara Carney

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