2-26 Home, and Hospice Care February 27, 2015

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Yesterday we brought Cynthia home. She has been getting weaker and more confused every day at the hospital, so we have decided along with her doctors that the best place for her to be is resting in her own bed. We had planned to make that move sometime this weekend, but her condition is such that being at the rehab facility no longer makes sense. Last night a nurse from Alive Hospice came to our house, and we set up a plan with them to receive care and to make her as comfortable as possible going forward.

The diminishment of her health in the past 6 weeks has been drastic. Most of the time, she does not remember her own name. She is unable to stand or move without assistance. She cannot recall from one second to the next what is happening, and always feels like there is a step that has somehow been missed. (We feel that way too.) Every once in a while, generally in the morning, she has a good spell. This morning–after babbling in her sleep through most of the night–she woke at 7 and looked at me and said, “My name is Cynthia.” She does not have any recollection of yesterday, which is a blessing. We ate yogurt and strawberries and English muffins, and laughed with Abigail when she came in to wake up Gamma. No matter what, that sweet girl is always able to bring a smile to her face. After lunch, things took a turn–the past few hours have been more like yesterday was–and now we know that this will probably continue. Good moments will be peppered into each day, we hope, and we will treasure each one.

We are going to try to get through the weekend (to see how to schedule each day), but once we have a handle on that we will be welcoming visitors. As always, text me if you would like to set up some time to sit with her. Some of you have asked if we are receiving food right now, and we are–a dear friend set up a schedule HERE. The last name is Tripp, and the password is 1234. Please take note of the dietary restrictions–she is still on a diabetic diet, so heavy pasta dishes and super sweet desserts are not something she can enjoy right now.

I know without a doubt that my mother is deeply loved by so many of you, and our family has felt that love and support throughout every step of this. We ask that you pray now for peace–for her to feel safe within her mind. She has said many times in the past few days that she is not afraid, and that is truly the thing we are holding on to.



20 Responses to “2-26 Home, and Hospice Care”

  1. Terri Coley Says:

    There are not words to express all that I am feeling after reading this update on Cindy’s health. She is a special women and one of God’s greatest gifts to so many! She has loved many so well….unconditionally! I am blessed to have spent many hours/days with her but so many years ago. Always encouraging and seeking, believing and trusting in a God whom she knew and loved more than anything. She has changed many lives with all the passion that fills her heart and has poured over to us all. All days are special with Cindy. She is precious! Many memories……and all good! What a blessing.

  2. Tammy Hayes Says:

    My heart is overcome with sadness as I read this; I love her. She has been a tremendous influence on my life forever. I will keep you all in my prayers for comfort and peace as she desired. May your time together be tender and sweet and blessed in every heavenly way.

  3. Kim Ristau Says:

    So sad to hear this. Will be praying.

  4. Melissa Trevathan Says:

    Cindy is continually on my mind, in my heart and prayers. What memories I have of Cindy ! The ones that stand out are from the late 70’s -80’s when I was honored to be on the faculty at ba with Cindy. Mostly I remember her hunger…no not just hunger….her intense hunger and thirst to understand and experience the grace of God. Often we were sitting around a table, many times with Terri coley, other times with a group of faculty having a bible study, or on a retreat. Wherever…. Cindy was searching, One of the biggest joys of my life was watching Cindy light up as she received the grace from Ephesians 2:8-9. She never seemed to stop seeking to know jesus intimately. I pray that she will rest in His grace …..and that her longing will be satisfied ..not by might…not by power….but by His Spirit.
    Cindy graced my life and I am so thankful!
    Melissa trevathan

  5. Mary Knestrick Says:

    We are so sad to hear the latest news about your sweet mom! What a special woman of faith she is!! She has been a blessing to so many lives. She has a gift of bringing out the best in people while loving them as they are! We are praying for you and your family

  6. Stephanie (Duncan) Park Says:

    I was in one of her 7th-grade English classes, and she was a fantastic teacher. I’ve never forgotten that class. After I graduated from college, she graciously helped me look for publishing work in Nashville. I’m so, so sorry for what she’s gone through and for the pain I know you are all in right now. May you sense God’s presence and comfort in these days. You have clearly been an incredible, loving family through it all.

  7. John Swope Says:

    She taught me 7th grade English at BA. She had a profound impact on me. She is iny thoughts.

  8. Lisa Flow Says:

    We are so sorry to hear this news about your sweet mom. She has a very special place in the hearts of the Flow family. You and your family are in our prayers.
    David, Lisa, Courtney, Caitlyn and Casey Flow

  9. Alison Rogers Says:

    We too are saddened by your mom’s decline. We appreciate her for all that she taught Rachel and Lauren and us as parents too. She has a gifted sensitivity and an awareness of others to know just how to respond to each what is needed. Know that we are praying for her, for you and for the rest of your family. You are loved by the Rogers.

  10. Melinda Speece Says:

    So, so sad to read this. I will be praying for you all. Thanks, as always, for writing, Emily. I know it isn’t easy to speak to all of us, but it is appreciated.

  11. Cathie Glasgow Says:

    We are so sorry to hear that Cindy’s health has declined at such a fast rate. Our daughter Caitlin just sent us this link to your site. We had the pleasure of running into Cindy on two different occasions while out shopping over the past several months. At the time she looked wonderful and had her usual positive attitude while asking about Caitlin and Mallory. The memory I have of her as a teacher of Caitlin in 7th grade is a comforting one. Caitlin had brought home a paper she had written and was so excited about the comments Cindy had placed all over the page. At a time in a middle school student’s life of needing positive reinforcement it was a blessing. I remember going in to BA and taking the time to talk with Cindy and realizing then what a gift she was to those students that could be nurtured by her. Our fondness for her is great and we pray that throughout any difficult days ahead there will be moments of light knowing the impact she has had on so many lives. We love her and will continue to pray for your family. Cathie and Merle, Caitlin (2009) Mallory (2012)

  12. Patsy Stow Says:

    Praying for Mrs. Tripp and her family. I am sad to read this latest news. I will always remember her dedication and understanding while teaching Sarah and Emily. We will lift you up in prayers for comfort and courage.

    Patsy Stow

  13. Rashaan Gaulden Says:

    Praying for all of you right now as you go through this hard time! Mrs.Tripp saved my life by all the loving and caring things she did for me during 7th grade and the rest of my years at BA. She was one of the few teachers always in my corner and she consistently believed that I was worth giving multiple oppurtunities to show that I can better my behavior time after time with me getting in trouble all through middle school. She constantly provided me with snacks every single day in her room, most of all she was the only teacher I felt like I could talk to about my problems because of her kind heart. I am so appreciative she was able to help me mature and grow into a young man, she’s truly a blessing in my life, I love her and I hope she gets better.

    Best, Rashaan Gaulden

    • emilyltripp Says:


      Thank you so much for your sweet note, and for the lovely flowers you and Derek sent. They are absolutely gorgeous, and still blooming. Every time she looks at them (they are right in her line of sight from her bed) she smiles and comments on how beautiful they are. When they came, she spoke about you and how much she believes in you and how much she cares for you–you truly hold such a special place in her heart.


  14. Jim Knestrick Says:

    Emily, I am so sad to hear the latest news. Your mom is such an amazing woman and Julie and I will be praying for your family.

    Your mom was a strong encouragement to me when I was at BA as a 7th graders and Julie would go cry on her shoulder during journalism. She not only encouraged me to do my best in school but also cared about me outside the classroom. Even as a parent, she would check on us and make sure that our kids were adjusting to BA.

    Your mom is very loved. Thank you for keeping us informed. I imagine it must be very difficult. We will pray for you and your family that He will meet you exactly where you need Him.

    Jim and Julie Knestrick

  15. Lisa (Flatt) berry Says:

    Praying for all of you. We are saddened to hear-praying for peace and comfort from Him for all of you. She has touched so many lives & we are grateful for her.
    Love, Michael and lisa berry

  16. Jim Says:

    Praying for you!

  17. Beth Wood Says:

    Darryl, the girls and I are praying for you guys.

  18. Rhoda Tripp Says:

    Praying for all of you, mamaw

  19. Fran Kirkpatrick Says:


    I am so sorry to hear that your mom is declining. My heart breaks for you and all those close to her. She taught my kids at BA some years ago, and I have always appreciated her commitment to her students and the great advice she gave me a long the way. She helped me through a few trying times, and I will always love and appreciate her for that.

    Alive Hospice has many wonderful people working for them. They are so caring and compassionate. She will be in good hands, and they will take care of you, too, if you need them. Please give her hug for me and my family (Fran, Wayne, Kourtney, Shelby & Carson Kirkpatrick).

    God bless-

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