Blessed are the pure in heart… April 6, 2014

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…for they shall see God. (Matthew 5:8)

My mother, Lorraine Madalon Honoré Breath, passed away peacefully on Tuesday morning, April 1 and was buried with my father in New Orleans on Friday, April 4. About a month ago, she became weaker, and on Sunday morning we had our last conversation. Her 89th birthday was March 26 and she was ready—and now she sees God face to face.

MIMG_6423[1]y mother was a model of gratitude and selflessness for her husband, her children (David, Dianne, and me), her family, and her friends. She smiled often and laughed easily, and, oh, how she loved to sing random songs whenever the mood struck her. She thanked anyone who helped her or came to visit, and she rarely asked for anything because she didn’t want to create work for someone else. After living with us for 14 years, she spent the last 6 years at Grace Healthcare in Franklin, and she loved everyone there and was loved in return. She always asked about others and talked about herself only if pressed and then briefly if at all. She was confident that God always answered her prayers—sometimes yes, sometimes no, and sometimes wait.

Last Monday, the day before my mother died, I learned that my scan results after 4 cycles had shown continued shrinkage of the three largest tumors. In fact, the shrinkage now measures well over 30%, and the words “partial remission” can now be used to describe how my cancer has reacted to the study drug. I return tomorrow (cycle 4 day 29 but hopefully cycle 5 day 1) to see if my platelets have recovered and if I can have another treatment. None of this would have surprised my mother because she prayed for me every day of my life and for David and Dianne and our families every day of their lives.

Lorraine-Breath-sq1-273x273 In the last week especially, I have thought of my mother’s steady faith and of her belief in God’s love. She would have been thanking God for His faithfulness once again, and she would have been smiling. I miss her today and will miss her for the rest of my life. I am grateful that she was my mother, and I pray that I will always honor her memory in all that I do and say.

Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted. (Matthew 5:4)



9 Responses to “Blessed are the pure in heart…”

  1. David DeRossett Says:

    Dear Cindy, The attached message was sent to your “do not reply” blog service, and they replied that it was not received. So, I am re-sending it to both that service and the “comment” email address as well. These are the only two that we have for you. Love, Uncle David

  2. Rob DeRossett Says:

    So sorry for the loss of your mother, Cindy. Sounds like very positive results with your treatments. I pray you are feeling great and continue to make progress. Love you.

  3. Gina and David Stansell, Ben, Willa and Dora Says:

    We are so thankful for your partial remission. We send our sympathies for your Mom’s passing, and we are thankful for the blessings and legacy she passed on to you.

  4. Fran Kirkpatrick Says:

    P.S. Beautiful pictures of your mom. I see the resemblance between you and her!

  5. Fran Kirkpatrick Says:


    I’m very sorry to hear about your mom. Knowing how deeply she will be missed, I send prayers of comfort to you and your family. On the cancer front, I’m so happy to hear that the treatments are working…praying that all goes well today, and you are able to get 5-1.

    Love to you and yours,

  6. Susie Bess Says:

    Dearest” Miss Tripp”,
    How our family loves you! Our deepest sympathy to you this morn. How Blessed we are to have a mother’s love!
    May these sweet memories continue to make you smile!
    The Bess family

  7. Cindy, sending a big hug as you and your family remember your mother and her gracious spirit and kind heart. Great to hear about the “partial remission”; those are some mighty fine words. Have a great week. Thinking of you. Lorrie

  8. David DeRossett Says:

    Dear Cindy,

    Much love and sympathy in the loss of your wonderful mother. My mother died at 90 on Feb. 12, 2003. Your mom remained beautiful all of her life in both countenance and loving disposition, just as did mine. We both can be assured that we will see them again. — Roberta and I pray for you every day, and our prayer for you is that God will grant you total recovery. We are thankful for your excellent report.

    Love to you and James,

    Uncle David

  9. Jenny Valle Says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your mother and what a long, full life she lived! I am sure she was proud of you and the strength you have found in the Lord as you battle this cancer. Celebrating her life with you and also celebrating the fantastic news of the shrinking tumors!! Lots of love to you all.

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