another update September 8, 2013

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Last week I learned that the clinical trial testing for genetic mutations did not show a match for any of the 32 mutations that have been identified. My oncologist and others feel that the next step is to go in the direction of ovarian cancer options, since the ovarian cancer marker is the one that is changing and the genetic testing a year and a half ago indicated that my cancer is most like ovarian (although it it is not ovarian).

I went to the Sarah Cannon Research Institute office on Friday to give permission to test the tissue for three possible clinical trials. One is for a certain protein which sticks to ovarian cancer cells. If there is a match, then a specific antibody can be developed in the lab and injected into a vein so that the antibody attaches to the cancer proteins. It all sounds complicated but also promising. There are two other possibilities for trials as well.

I realize that my coming to terms with all of this will probably take awhile. That’s fine because it will take time for these testing results to be completed. I am not scheduled for another oncology appointment until the last week in September. Honestly, this continues to be so weird that I don’t actually know what to say about it, but I did want to keep anyone who is interested posted. Thanks for your encouragement and prayers. I feel fine right now and am pressing on with my everyday life!


3 Responses to “another update”

  1. Fran Kirkpatrick Says:

    Hi Cindy,

    Thank you for the update. I have been thinking about you and wondering if you had any news. I will be praying that you fit the criteria for one of the three trials you mentioned. The first one you described does sound very promising! I’m very glad that you are feeling well enough to carry on with everyday things, and I pray that for the next few weeks you will be able to free your mind from worry and anxiety while you are awaiting the test results!

    Love to you and yours from me and mine:-)
    James 1:2-4

  2. Sally Delvaux Says:

    Cindy…what a roller coaster ride! I know you don’t want to hear it…but you are incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will continue to pray for you and be thankful for you and the impact you are making on all of us who know you!!!! Love you , my friend Sally!

  3. Susie Bess Says:

    So glad that you are felling fine right now. I will continue to pray
    for you. We know that when we are at a lose for what to pray we
    Have the BEST interceding for us. Love to you and your family.

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