cautiously optimistic May 26, 2013

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That’s what I am right now…cautiously optimistic or maybe optimistically cautious.

Friday’s oncologist visit and chemotherapy treatment went well. It’s always a treat when there are no surprises. Blood work continues to show cancer marker numbers  within normal range, which I guess is good since I haven’t been diagnosed with breast or colon or ovarian cancer. The platelet count was the lowest it has ever been, but I still was able to have treatment. I’ve had Avastin infused through my port every three weeks for almost a year, which was the original treatment plan, and also I have taken an anti-estrogen pill since the original diagnosis in February 2012.

The optimism comes from the news that the Avastin treatment may be stopped by mid-summer. I was told that, of the two, the pill is probably the one that has the greater long-term effect on controlling the cancer. The caution comes from a bit of uncertainty about what will happen if I do come off the infusion, but obviously there is no way to know for certain until I stop.

Cautiously optimistic or optimistically cautious—either way, I’m hopeful and grateful. I feel inside like myself for the first time in a long time, and I wake every morning thankful to greet another day and see what God has for me next.


9 Responses to “cautiously optimistic”

  1. Terri Coley Says:

    I think of you so often and am so grateful for this news. I am so glad to hear you are feeling better and more like yourself. You are a blessing to many! I love you.

  2. Ann Rankin Says:

    I am so thankful for your improvement! I think of you often and am grateful for your news! Always in my prayers!
    Ann Rankin

  3. Hyatt Sutton Says:

    We are so very thankful-

  4. lorriej Says:

    Yay, Cindy. We are so glad to hear your good news and sending you good vibes for a continued recovery.

  5. Fran Kirkpatrick Says:

    Hi Cindy,

    Sounds like good news to me! I hope you have a nice, relaxing summer!


  6. Cathy Longeway Says:

    So good to see you this weekend and I am so encouraged by your progress! Thanks for all you did for our family during our years at BA and I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers….

  7. David and Roberta DeRossett Says:

    Dear Cindy. It is indeed wonderful news that you are feeling much better and that your treatments are working. All is indeed an answer to prayer. We pray for you every single day, and our prayer groups at church keep up with your blogs and pray for you as well. Much love to you, James, and the family. Uncle David and Aunt Roberta

  8. Sally Delvaux Says:

    Oh, Cindy….I’m so thankful to hear the good news and to be able to share your optimism!
    After this road you’ve traveled, “Myself” can be a wonderful place to be!
    Love you….

  9. Kim Mathews Says:

    So glad to hear the positive news! My prayers and thoughts are with you!!

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