Chemo #6 postponed until Thursday 7-26 July 18, 2012

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My platelet count was up to 72,000 this morning from 56,000 on Monday. The oncologist said that I can’t have chemotherapy unless the count is over 100,000. My blood just needs time to build back up because it’s weary from the previous 5 treatments. He said there’s nothing I can do to build it up because it just takes time.

I’ll add that building up the platelet count also takes prayer. Prayer, I believe, brought the count up 20,000 in two days. Prayer will bring the count up to a very solid number by next Thursday. My final, bell-ringing, end-of-this-round, chemotherapy treatment #6 will be next Thursday, July 26, beginning about 9 am or so. The lab was almost fully booked on Wednesday, so Thursday it will be. I expect my platelets to be strong enough to be running races and turning cartwheels by then.

Time and prayer. Prayer and time. God will take care of the details and the outcome. I rest in the knowledge that He is faithful and good.


One Response to “Chemo #6 postponed until Thursday 7-26”

  1. Lindy Lawrence Says:

    Dear Cindy,
    We will be praying that your counts will rise quickly, that your final chemo treatment next Thursday will be just that FINAL, and that healing will be complete!!! Thank you for sharing your story so honestly and serving as such an example to God’s faithfulness. You both inspire and humble us. While not exactly what you would have chosen, God is using you in very real and tangible ways to reveal His glory. We love you, Lindy and Jeff Lawrence

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