Slight glitch, I hope. July 16, 2012

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As usual, I had lab work done today, two days before my chemotherapy appointment. Not as usual, I received a call after I left the office to tell me that my platelet count is down—56. Normal is somewhere in the 200-400 range, or I think that’s what I was told; after hearing that the count was so low, I had trouble listening for details. Three weeks ago, it was 102;  six weeks ago, it was about 180, I think.

Not good. Platelets take a direct hit during chemotherapy and have to build back up before the next treatment. There’s nothing that I can do today to increase the count, but this probably means my treatment will be postponed a week or so. I guess I am glad to know this before Wednesday because I have certainly been getting excited about this last date. Now I have a little time to get adjusted to the fact that there might be a delay.

I’ll post on Wednesday either from the chemo lab if I am cleared for treatment or with a new date for #6.

As always, I appreciate your prayers. Once again, I rest in the knowledge that this is not a surprise to God; it’s just a slight glitch in my schedule, not in His.


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