Treatment: Cycle 1 April 7, 2012

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Yesterday was the first round of chemotherapy. As could be expected, it took a while for everything to begin since the nurses were making sure everything was working well, which it did. I had no reaction at all to any of the chemotherapy drugs. Of course, it was a long day but a good one, if that can be said about a day of chemotherapy.

Having my family and a few close friends with me throughout the process did help keep me centered and positive. A real treat was gaining a new friend, courtesy of Lindsay and Ryan. Everyone seems to think that Mo the Chemo Bear should join me for every treatment, but we’ll have to see about that. I don’t think a bear the size of Mo has ever been a regular in the lab. By the end of the day, he was sporting a pair of bunny ears on one of his ears, and there is no telling what he’ll be wearing next. He’ll spend the three weeks to the next treatment on April 26 in my office at school. He’s rather big, so I think he’ll be hiding out in my office for awhile.

Today was a good day, probably because I’m still on the medication that surrounds a chemotherapy cycle. The things I’m learning—quite honestly, it’s a whole new experience!

I’ll lose all of my hair in 15-17 days, according to the nurses, so I got a short chemo haircut today. When I say short, I do mean short! I have never had such a cut, but this will mean that I won’t have as much to lose. The way the process was described to me reminded me of the Phantom when he removes his wig near the end of The Phantom of the Opera, and that’s not a pretty image. I’ll have someone shave what’s left when that happens, but don’t worry, I plan to wear scarves (my favorite accessory!) to cover up.

Here’s a picture taken at the salon. It won’t look like that when I do it myself, but it’s only for about two weeks.

By the way, although this is the third picture I’m inserting into this blog, I don’t plan this to be a habit. From here on out, the looks go downhill, I hear.

There is something about all of this that is still very unreal to me. I think that’s why I wanted to have a picture in the lab so I could see that it was happening and also why I wanted the picture of my new and temporary look. I don’t like having my picture taken, much less posting it myself somewhere, but I’m doing it.

I hope that you know that I’m not being frivolous about this. I do understand that this is a battle, but I am not afraid, which is saying something for me. As I mentioned in the first post, I had spent much of my life afraid but had overcome that about 12 years ago. I didn’t want to be captive to that experience again, and thanks to your prayers I have not been.

The reality is that it is what it is—and God is who He is. I am ready for what lies ahead because of your prayers and love and concern and notes and food and calls. You remind me that the body of Christ is real and serves as a tangible presence of the Lord’s work in our lives. From the bottom of my heart and the hearts of my family, may you encounter Him in a real way on Resurrection morning and every morning. That’s what we are doing every morning.


16 Responses to “Treatment: Cycle 1”

  1. cindy spitler Says:

    Hi Cindy, Just touching base to say hello and to let you know that our family is praying for you everyday and our bible study group is too. Stay strong. You are loved !

    Cindy Spitler

  2. Dana Whitehurst Says:

    Well, it doesn’t surprise me that you are praising the Lord in the midst of your trial! I’m confident he is making space for grace in your situation for others. We can’t wait to see what the Lord does with your story.
    You are BEARY special to the Whitehurst family and in our prayers daily.

  3. Tammy Hayes Says:

    Lots of love to you Cindy. I actually love your new du! And I love you! I’m praying for you all the way from Texas! I wish I was closer so I could sign up to bring you a meal! Blessings hundred-fold for healing and supernatural peace-
    Tammy Hayes

  4. Sonya Smith Says:

    We are praying for you and continue to be astounded by your inspiring faith!!!!!!! Thanks for blessing our entire family for all these years and as you continue to bless us even in this trying time.


    The Smiths

  5. Marian Eidson Says:

    Your faith and attitude are awesome Cindy. At a time when I would expect you to need inspiration from others, it is you who is inspiring us – awesome!! We are holding you in our prayers and hearts.

    The Eidson family

  6. Sheila and Steve Priest Says:

    I love the new do!!!!!! I will always admire your attitude and outlook on things. You are such an inspiration to me and many others. Will continue to pray for you and your family

    love from the priest family

  7. Julie Taylor Says:

    Praying for all of you, our days are never certain but the love of God is! Praise Him!

  8. tonyajalexander Says:

    You new haircut looks sassy and cute!! Love it. Praying for you!!

  9. tracikeel Says:

    Your hair looks darling. I thought you might enjoy reading this blog: Start at March 20. She’s 32 and diagnosed with breast cancer, but her attitude and writing are inspiring and true. Praying for you!

  10. Amy Farrow Says:

    You look so cute with your new haircut! Love it! I was also so touched when Annabelle said that you asked about my surgery this week. All that you have going on and you are still thinking of others! That’s why everyone loves you! Thanks and know we are praying for you.

  11. Leah Hoskins Says:

    Love the new “do!” Prayers are continuing.

  12. Kana Conger Says:

    Thanks for this update and I love the photos! Please know that I am praying for you everyday and will continue throughout your treatments.


    Kana Conger

  13. Peggy O'Neal Peden Says:

    It’s a good look, Cindy!
    Still praying.
    Love, Peggy

  14. Susan Shafer Says:

    In case anyone is reading comments, Emily has extended the meal calendar through July. It has been posted and is ready for sign-ups:

  15. caroline archer Says:

    You look beautiful with any hairstyle! Keep your strong faith and courageous mindset! With God on your side, you cannot be defeated by any trial in this life! Persevere, trust, and praise God (no matter how hard it seems).
    “Our God is Healer, awesome in power…and if our God is with us, then what can stand against?”
    -“Our God” by Chris Tomlin

  16. Sam Oliver Says:

    Lool at that fabulous short hair! I’ll be saying prayers! Xoxoxo

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