Moving Forward March 15, 2012

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A sign of how discombobulated I’ve been was that my oncology appointment was scheduled for Wednesday, not Thursday as I had convinced myself it was. Although an hour late, I was able to get to the office, have the scan, and see the doctor for the results. Whew. I also didn’t have an extra day and night to worry. Thankfully, Wednesday was not a day for unexpected news, which in itself was great news.

Here’s what I heard yesterday:

• Results of CT scan showed minimal reduction in size of cancers.

• There are two options: 1) continue hormone therapy; if cancer starts to grow, start chemo; 2) stop hormone therapy and begin chemotherapy

• Ideally, I’ll continue on hormone therapy as long as possible (2 yrs?) because cancer has positive estrogen receptor, which means there’s a strong chance for results with hormone therapy.

• I’ll continue 2-week visits for now to see how therapy is going and if cancer marker levels start decreasing.

• I’m to monitor symptoms closely (coughing and shortness of breath) and contact oncologist with any changes in symptoms.

Here’s how I feel since yesterday:

• I’m more at peace.

• I’m more knowledgeable about the overall plan for treatment.

• I’m confident that I am receiving the best care possible.

• I’m convinced that my doctor listens to me and wants to know how I feel.

• I’m very much loved by James and our girls, my family, and my friends.

You have no idea how much your prayers have meant to me and enabled me to take the next step each day. I am blessed beyond words and will be forever grateful for His mercy extended to me through you.

P.S. Just got a call from the oncologist.  The C-125 cancer marker, which was 585 on March 2, was 299 on the blood drawn yesterday! The hormone therapy seems to be having a positive effect.  I feel even better now!


12 Responses to “Moving Forward”

  1. Sonya Smith Says:

    PTL!!!!!!!! WE will continue to pray for healing and His will…thanks for sharing this journey with us….We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Randall, Sonya, Lauren, Lindsey and Lexie

  2. Sheila and Steve Priest Says:

    i smile when i go to check your blog!!!! we will continue to pray for you and your family. you are such an inspirational person to me.

  3. Dana haas Says:

    So glad to hear that you are doing well and having positive results.

  4. Grace Bishop Says:

    Praying for you Mrs. Tripp!

  5. Susan Hicks Says:

    I’ve been praying for you and your sweet family. So glad to hear your good news. May you continue to do better each day.

  6. Kana Conger Says:

    So glad to hear your good news! I continue
    to pray daily.

  7. Melinda Says:

    Looks like some good news—great! Thanks for the updates. I am so pleased that you are more at peace. Praying that by the mercy of the Lord you will continue in that! P.S. – I love lists.

  8. Brenda Jarrard Says:

    Singing praises! Cindy, your remarkable news comes at an opportune time–hope you can now rest especially well over your spring break. Your prayer warriors will not waiver, no matter how far flung they may be in the coming week.

  9. Kimberly Petty Says:

    Wonderful news! Continue to pray for you and your family!!

  10. Lisa Flow Says:

    Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated. We will continue to lift you and your sweet family in prayer.
    Love you,
    David, Lisa, Courtney, Caitlyn and Casey Flow

  11. kayce hughes Says:

    So glad to hear all of your news.

  12. Gina, David, Ben, Willa & Dora Stansell Says:

    Thank you for sharing the news! We are blessed by hearing your updates. We do pray for you and think of you daily.

    We send love and prayer from us, but more importantly we trust in the Lavish Unconditional Love from Our Heavenly Father!

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