Waiting Part 2 February 28, 2012

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Two weeks ago my thoughts were about the typical Monday routines at school and at home. Little did I know that by Friday I would hear the words, “you have advanced lung cancer, stage 4 of 4” and that more tests were scheduled to determine if the cancer had spread.

Is it any wonder then that I felt as if I had received a priceless gift last Friday with the news that the cancer is contained in the lungs? I’m sure that reading of my joy that I have “only” stage 4 lung cancer seemed a bit odd, but I guess you know that my mind had jumped to a far more discouraging outcome. Knowing that there is only one battlefield is definitely cause for rejoicing.

You may be wondering what’s going on now. The port incision site is healing well and will be ready when it’s time for chemotherapy. Since I have been a bit tired and a little short of breath recently, I’m resting more that I typically do (that’s probably a good thing). Mostly, I’m waiting for the pathology results from the biopsy and for the genetic makeup results of some cells, which I will know by Friday.

Here’s what I’ve learned about my cancer: The PET and CT scans show a right lung mass which appears to have spread to the lymph nodes in middle of chest and then up into the chain of nodes in the neck. The biopsy indicated that this is an adenocarcinoma. There are also smaller patches of cancer on both the right and left lungs. Being able to identify the exact makeup of the cells will determine the drugs to be used in treatment.

This time, however, the waiting is not as stressful as it was last week. Since the extent of the cancer is known, treatment will begin after these results.

Thank you for your precious words and kindnesses to my family and me.  I have been blessed to hear from current and former students, from friends here in the Nashville area and in faraway places, and from people who know people who know me. I am grateful for the prayers most of all, for the notes and flowers and food, for the phone calls and emails and texts.

I’ll let you know when the waiting ends.


14 Responses to “Waiting Part 2”

  1. Hyatt Sutton Says:

    Hello dear friend. Wanted you to know your name is written on our prayer board which is sitting in our kitchen. We are lifting you up to the ultimate healer. In Him- Hyatt (&family!)

  2. Cindy,
    Dick and I, along with Whitney and Shawn and Kelsey and Zach, are lifting you up in prayer. We’re believing God is the GREAT PHYSICIAN and is able to do more than anything we could ever ask or imagine according to His power at work within you (Eph. 3:20-21). May the Lord continue to give you peace, comfort, and hope in this journey. You are loved!

  3. Julie Smothers Says:

    We are praying for you and your family, for God’s healing touch and peace for you all. Please keep us posted.

  4. Larry McCarty Says:

    Cindy, Lauren and I send you our love. Please keep posting.

  5. Cathy Longeway Says:


    I think about you daily – the good news is that depending on the histology, there are some chemos that are actually taken by mouth now and don’t have to be infused. You are in my heart and prayers daily….


  6. Sara Camp Says:

    Dear Cindy,
    Your name and diagnosis appeared on our church email list for prayers! I was shocked and sad with you, then instantly knew your faith would get you through, and be a testimony to God’s power and provision in your life. The boys and I will be praying for you. So thankful it is contained to the lungs. Great news indeed. You will always hold a dear place in my heart for how you helped Will his 7th grade year – you helped our whole family, in fact, and we still reap the benefits of that teacher conference we had with him that year. I know you are loved by many. We love you, too.

  7. Terri Coley Says:

    Cindy, I have not been able to find words to express the feelings of my heart. I love you and pray for you as God brings you to my mind often. I was so crushed by the news but know in my heart and mind that God IS in control and as always knows what HE is doing and that I trust Him. Terri

  8. Dawn Denny Says:

    I think of you often, everyday. I’m praying for you and love you so much!

  9. Sam Oliver Says:

    Cindy- I love you and am following your blog, sending out prayers, and should you need anything, be sure to just call me, not Jamie. hahahahah Actually we BOTH would be available should you need us for anything 🙂 xoxoxoxoox

  10. Melinda Says:

    I thought of you this morning when we read Ps. 27: I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living! Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD! I am so glad that as you wait you are seeing and feeling the goodness of the Lord through family, friends, notes, flowers, food, calls, etc.

  11. The Roberson family is on our knees for you. May you continue to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and the body of Christ around you.
    -John, Kathryn, Will, Ben, Jake and Hank

  12. jodi sutton Says:

    The Sutton family is praying daily for you and your family that you will feel God’s presence and peace. We love you!!
    Hyatt, Jodi, Mason, Grady and Macaully

  13. Denise Andrews Says:

    I’m sure ur in amazing medical hands but if u want more info my dear friend is on the back end of two rounds of chemo for breast cancer. She did extensive research about the cell matching etc… And might be a great person to talk to. She lives near you. As always, our whole family is keeping u in their prayers!

  14. Allison Mills Says:

    I love you, CT.

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